For Physicians

At Healing Hands, we provide the evaluations and comprehensive care that the top physicians in the CSRA have come to expect for their patients. As always, we ensure that new patients are set up with their first appointment within a 24 to 48 hour time frame after receiving your referral. Our therapists spend up to one hour with each patient at each visit if needed resulting in the highest quality of care.


The initial evaluation is a complete exam based on the referring physician’s prescription for physical therapy. Healing Hands therapists will assess all areas of the body which are associated with the patient’s pain to determine the best course of treatment.



Progress Notes
Healing Hands sends the referring physician a progress report after every eighth visit. Additional status updates are provided as medically necessary.




Referral Form
Please download and print out the referral form. We need the form with original signature sent via fax to our office (or the patient can bring us the form at the first evaluation).