Post Operative Rehab

Get Back In Motion after Surgery

Therapy after Orthopedic Surgery

postopaccentInjuries requiring surgery occur not only in athletes in training or competition. You can injure yourself at work, in an auto accident, during recreational activities or everyday household tasks. The most common surgeries are performed to correct damaged shoulders or knees.

Orthopedic surgeries, such as knee or hip replacement or repairing a torn rotator cuff in the shoulder, present many different challenges for patients post-surgery. As soon as possible, physical therapy is essential to restore mobility in muscles and ligaments that support the affected area. At Healing Hands, the goal of our therapist is to return function through a post-surgical treatment program working in conjunction with your surgeon. We employ therapy techniques and tools including joint mobilization, manual therapy, and cold laser therapy.

Mobilization and Scarred Tissue Reduction

Other surgical patients benefit from therapy at Healing Hands to reduce scarred tissue or restore motion after an extended recovery period. MediCuppingTM is used by our certified therapist to prevent tissue from scarring excessively after surgery and can be used to break up scarred tissue that has formed as the result of past surgeries. For women who have undergone surgery for breast cancer, manual therapy will restore arm movement and MediCupping can help to reduce the effects of lymphedema.