Sports Injuries: Don’t Ignore the Pain!

sportsinjuriesaccentCompetitive athletes and recreational “weekend warriors” in all sports are susceptible to injuring a part of their body. Lack of appropriate conditioning, not enough warm-up, and poor training can all contribute to a resulting injury. The most common injuries are muscle sprains and strains, tears of ligaments and tendons or dislocated joints primarily of the elbows, wrists, shoulders, back, knees and ankles.

Individual Treatment programs
It is crucial to address the pain immediately. The injury will only get worse if not treated and impede the progress to a fast and full recovery.

At Healing Hands, an experienced therapist will assess the extent of the injury before developing an individual treatment plan. Initially, the program is designed to manage and reduce pain. The plan is then structured to rebuild strength and movement. The therapist will employ all the Treatment Tools which are appropriate for the injury with the goal of restoring an athlete to physical activity. The treatment includes education to prevent further injuries through strengthening and/or stretching exercises.