Women’s Health

Physical therapy and treatments designed specifically for women of all ages to promote healing and Get You in Motion!

It is important to recognize the female specific biomechanical differences when compared to the male anatomy. Healing Hands Physical Therapists specialize in assessing and treating the musculoskeletal and other conditions that are unique to women of all ages.

womenshealthaccentHealing Hands Physical Therapist will perform an assessment based on input from you and your physician. Our treatment tools, including joint and soft tissue mobilization, therapeutic massage, cold laser therapy, direct muscle stimulation and cupping massage, address a number of issues including:

• Osteoarthritis
• Pre and Post Operative
• Breast Cancer Surgery Scars
• Lymphadema
• Neck and Shoulder Pain
• Hip, Knee and Ankle Pain

The goal of the Healing Hands treatment program is to get you back to work, sports activity and daily living activities as pain free as possible.

Active Women and Athletes

Your Healing Hands Physical Therapist will customize a program of treatment for you based on your individual needs and goals. Active women and competitive athletes of all ages and capabilities can benefit from the expertise of our physical therapists to treat injuries. They can also provide preventative exercises to return you to your previous level of activity or help you advance to the next level.

Post Menopausal Women

In addition to treating injuries, a physical therapy program designed specifically for the needs of older women can restore you to activity and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle to aid bone health. Exercise is a key component and for those who are unable to do high-impact exercise, your Healing Hand Physical Therapist will design a low-impact program. If you have not been exercising regularly, your therapist will work in conjunction with your physician to assess your fitness levels and provide an individualized exercise program.

Post Surgical

We will design a program to address your needs following surgery for knee, shoulder or other joint related conditions. In addition, our Healing Hands Physical Therapist, certified in Cupping Massage, will demonstrate and provide a program of treatment to reduce scarred tissue after surgery. In some cases, pre-surgery treatment can be beneficial. Our patients recovering from breast cancer surgery and experiencing Lymphedema have found relief from this treatment.