Work & Auto Injury Rehab

Therapy Services for Work Related and Auto Accident Injuries

At Healing Hands, our goal is to restore an injured employee or the victim of an auto accident back to activities of daily living. Our therapists work with your physician to develop a program for rehabilitation by scheduling the initial evaluation within 48 hours of initial contact.

workerscompFor a workers compensation program, the initial evaluation helps to determine the course of treatment and timeframe for when you will be able to return to work. The evaluation is based on objective measurements of functional capabilities matched to the demands of your job.

Your Healing Hands therapist will formulate a customized course of treatment based on the findings of the evaluation. The care plan includes the number and timing of visits required as well as the duration of each visit. The program is determined by the type and extent of the injury and can involve manual therapy, working on our exercise equipment and a home exercise routine.

Your participation in the therapy is key to the rehabilitative process. We listen to your needs and goals and monitor each step of the program to ensure success and obtain maximum recovery.