Our Treatment Tools

At Healing Hands Physical Therapy Centers, our therapists use the latest treatments and technology that are proven to provide pain relief and speed the healing process.

Manual Therapy is therapy performed by the hands of our therapist with the goal of relaxing the patient, reducing pain, and providing more flexibility. It includes:

  • Massaging muscles and the body’s soft tissues to relax the patient, improve circulation and relieve pain.
  • Joint Mobilization uses slow movements to help loosen tight joint tissues and increase flexibility.
  • Passive stretching uses slow movements to help break up and reduce scar tissue to help improve range of motion and decrease pain.

Cold Therapy is used to relieve pain, swelling and inflammation from injuries or conditions such as sprains and strains. Treatment involves ice packs (15 to 20 minute sessions), ice massage, and rest, ice, compression and elevation (RICE).

Heat Therapy relaxes muscles and improves blood circulation, which is useful for loosening stiff joints from osteoarthritis or other conditions where you’ve been immobilized. Heat is also used to loosen muscles before exercise.

Cold Laser Therapy uses low levels of laser light to stimulate the bodys’ cells to naturally promote healing and relieve pain. Approved by the FDA, Cold Laser Therapy is non-invasive, penetrating the skin with no heating effect or damage and no detrimental side effects and safe for all patients.

Therapeutic Massage is an adjunct to manual therapy. It is performed by our certified therapist to relieve tension in muscles and soft tissue and increase blood flow. 

MediCupping Massage – Our Healing Hands therapist, certified in this technique, employs the use of a machine to create suction on the body surface which facilitates joint mobilization or soft tissue release. The therapy also pulls inflammation and toxins from the body tissue so that the skin and lympatic system can eliminate them. Scar tissue can be released by renewing blood flow to tissue after surgery.

Physical Exercise is part of a customized therapy program to restore range of motion, increase strength and balance. At Healing Hands we utilize a range of exercise equipment in our centers and will prescribe home exercises to reinforce the treatment plan.

Deep Muscle Stimulation provides relief from muscle strain and tightness through percussion and mechanical vibrations. It is used by the Healing Hands Therapist to increase circulation, reduce pain and promote motion.

Patient Education

Healing Hands therapists educate patients in every session. Depending on the injury or disease being treated, patients may be taught how to perform daily tasks, project their body from re-injury, perform exercises at home, and how to make their homes a safer place.