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Physical Therapist - Best Treatments In Augusta and Thomson Georgia

Healing Hands saved me...

Lucy Gonzales - knee patient

“Healing Hands saved me from surgery when I had a torn meniscus.”

I loved Healing Hands of Thomson.

Dianne Kendricks - spine patient

“I loved Healing Hands of Thomson. If you need PT for back, knee, neck or whatever the problem is, this is where you need to be. Very friendly staff front and back. I came in early one day didn’t have to wait. Went right on back didn’t even sit down. They give you an exercise to do. They show you what to do and make sure you get it. We laugh and talked, had fun.  But you will do the work.  They believe in you and want push you go at your own pace. I went in with lower back ache and came out with little or no pain. This is the place you need to go.  Believe me it’s worth it.”

Highly Qualified Yet Affordable Clinic

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Highly Reviewed Pain Relief Clinic

Not all physical therapists are the same. And who you trust your body with matters. 

We are not your typical physical therapists. Our raving reviews from thousands of people prove it.

All we do is help men and women stop pain and get more active. Many of our clients include athletes, elderly, pregnant women, and business executives. People of all ages, who wish to fix their bodies and enjoy life.

Feel free to browse around this site and get to know us... Better yet, call us and schedule a free Discovery Session.

Our range of services include physical therapy for women and treatment specifically for musculoskeletal pain. Our physical therapy services are now being offered to the residents of Augusta, GA.


Join 2,423 Others Who Have Fixed Their Bodies and Are Now Living a Brighter Future!

Even If Other Treatments Have Failed, There is Hope

Most traditional treatments today for musculoskeletal pain/problems don't address the root cause. So if you've tried drugs, injections, generic exercises, heat/ice, massage, manipulations, ointments, orthotics, patches, but are still suffering it's not your fault.

And even if you've gone to see your doctor, chiro or physical therapist before but didn't get better, know that not all care is the same. Finding the right person who specializes in your unique condition can make all the difference in the world.

We make it super easy for you to determine if our physical therapy solutions are right for you...

You won't have to...

  • Wait for an appointment
  • Fill out tons of paperwork
  • Wait to be seen

And it won't cost you an arm and a leg either. We won't waste your time or your money, guaranteed.

Get Massage and Other Treatments Like...

  • 830 Cold Laser Certified
  • BioQpulse Certified
  • Medical Massage Certified
  • Auto Accidents
  • Pressure Point Release
  • Inflammation, Swelling & Chronic Pain

physical therapy augusta ga

Call to Inquire About Cost & Availability

Augusta (706) 481-9105
Thomson (706) 597-1190

Same Day and Emergency Appointments Available At Some Clinics

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Get Specialized Care For the Most Difficult of Conditions:

Arthritis Pain

Post-Surgery Pain

Adolescent Sport Injuries

Young Adults 19-35

Men & Women 36-55

Active Adults 55+


Augusta Clinic - 1930 Highland Ave, Augusta, GA 30904 - (706) 481-9105
Thomson Clinic - 659 Main St, Thomson, GA 30824 - (706) 597-1190